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What is the Italian food? A nutritionist will say that this is one of the most balanced diets, where proteins, fats and carbohydrates are combined harmoniously.

The cook will answer that this is a huge variety of dishes and complex sauces compared with variety of shoe styles. Gourmet recalls the finest shades of a taste of Italian cheeses and the exquisite aromas of spices. All this is true, for it is not without reason that Italian cuisine is very popular not only in its homeland but also outside the Apennine peninsula.

They say that the Italian hostess does not know what she will cook until she goes to the market. This is because the dishes of Italian cuisine are mainly made from seasonal products. Thanks to this, all of them are distinguished by the freshness and abundance of vitamins.

A classic Italian breakfast is usually very light and consists only of a large cup of cappuccino and a small bun with cheese. But lunch is a real expanse for lovers of nutritious food. The meal begins with a snack, then follows the main course, then a salad is served, which should refresh the taste sensations, then - the second course and a dessert. However, there aren’t many dishes during the dinner because, as a rule, it is much more modest than dinner.

Italian cuisine is diverse - food, which is prepared in the north of the country, it is difficult to find in the south, and vice versa. However, there are several dishes, without which it is impossible to imagine the Italian menu.


The famous Italian soup minestrone is prepared from seven types of vegetables, seven varieties of meat and seven condiments. This composition symbolizes the seven virtues of the Pope and gives a huge scope for the imagination of the cook. A chef can choose vegetables at his discretion, so the taste of the minestrone is different.

The broth is the most important component of this soup. It can be vegetable or meat broth. Sometimes the broth is cooked from ham with the addition of grape wine. Another indispensable rule of preparation for minestrone is doing everything slowly. Vegetables for soup must be roasted very slowly. Only in this way they can absorb the aroma of spices.


Another traditional dish of Italian cuisine is risotto. According to one legend, it appeared in the 16th century thanks to a young restorer who added expensive saffron to the paints. People laughed at him, saying that soon he would add this expensive grass even in food. The restorer decided to continue the joke and added saffron to rice.

Later the scoffers recognized him as a great cook, and the classic risotto can’t do without saffron now. To prepare a real risotto, you need some experience. An indispensable condition is a good quality of rice. In fact, the quality of products is extremely important if you want the final product to be good. This rule is applicable to any production ranging from making Josef Seibel shoes to cooking pasta. Before pouring it with water or broth, the rice is pre-fried in olive oil.


In order to cook a classical Italian pasta, you need to get a large pot and a sufficient amount of water so that during the cooking the pasta does not stick together.

Thin and short pasta is better to pour into the water slowly so that they do not stick to the bottom of the pan.

Some chefs add a little vegetable oil to the water with pasta, so that the pasta does not stick together. However, the Italians consider this unacceptable. After all, oil can clog the pores of pasta, and then the sauce will slip off the surface of the pasta.

Stir pasta with a wooden spoon. It is also not recommended to cook pasta too long. Overcooked pasta badly absorbs the sauce.

Never rinse freshly cooked pasta with cold water, because water washes off a layer of starch, and it will be more difficult for the pasta to absorb the sauce.